Flexible Jaw Shaft Coupling



Coupling refers to a mechanical part that connects two shafts (the driving shaft and the driven shaft) in different mechanisms and makes them rotate together to transmit torque or rotation angle. The coupling compensates for the displacement between the two shafts, and has the ability to absorb vibration and mitigate impact. Even if an abnormality occurs during operation and excessive torque is applied to the rotating shaft, the coupling is first damaged, thereby protecting it The role of the motor.

Flexible Shaft Coupling Jaw Type Coupling

Product Description

Series: MH                                                                                                      Model: GFC-14*22

Outer Dia.:14mm                                                                                            Available Shaft Dia. 3, 4, 5, 6, 6.35

Rated torque: 5 N.M                                                                                       Max rolling Speed:10000rpm

Net Weight:10 g                                                                                              Material of Shell: Aluminum alloy

Material of Elastomer: Polyurethane                                                               Surface Dealing: Oxidaion

Company Nature: Manufacturer                                                                      MOQ: 1 set

Service: OEM and Customized service( for model, logo, packing and outlooking)

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